All Scholarships/Bursaries

Applicants must be a Citizen of South Africa of African background

  1. Demonstrate financial need.-A key selection criteria.
  2. Be enrolled as a full time student at a elementary/post-secondary Institution
  3. Demonstrate remarkable academic performance or progress in school
  4. Demonstrate involvement and leadership in community activities.
  5. Applicants for a  scholarship are required to submit a two-page essay on a selected topic by the AMC board.
  6. Must demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills
  7. Should not be in receipt of more than one other award of equal or greater value in the current year
  8. May be required to complete an additional application form.

Additional Requirements for all Scholarships

  1. An application must include an original or copy of their school transcript or report card from elementary/high school verifying academic performance.
  2. A two-page double-spaced essay on the topic that will be determined by the AMC board.
  3. Two letters of recommendation as character references and descriptions of performance, potential as a student, leader, and employee or volunteer must be submitted with each application.
  4. Two passport size photographs. These photographs become the property of the AMC and may be used for its purposes.
  5. Proof of status in South African citizenship

Selection Criteria

Based on the following criteria, one individual will be selected for a scholarship by  the established AMC Scholarship Selection Committee:
  • Demonstrated scholastic ability
  • Applicant’s response to the essay question
  • Involvement and leadership in community/campus activities
  • Significant personal achievements beyond scholastic ability which may include personal accomplishments in spite of adversity
  • References demonstrating the applicant’s accomplishments
  • Commitment to career goals

Successful candidates will receive only one scholarship and MUST be able to attend the Awards function. 

The decision of the Selection Committee is final.

Completed applications must be submitted to the AMC by:

Scholarship Application Form