Why there is a need for AMC?

  1. Absent Fathers
  2. Negative role models
  3. Elevated school dropout rate
  4. Unemployable black youth
  5. Support identity development and their future roles in society and the family unit.
  6. Lack of community resources promotes poverty of human development
  7. Poor quality education
  8. To encourage the future dreams of all children
  9. Decreased self esteem/inferiority complex.
  10. Give underprivileged children a headstart

What we hope for/Our Aim:

  1. To restore African mens and women’s dignity, pride and self worth.
  2. To enable the young, free and gifted to become social change agents.
  3. To enable the gifted and free youth to get out of poverty and gain mental, economical, political and spiritual freedom.

Our Values:

  1. Respect for self and others
  2. Accountability to self and others
  3. Responsible for self and others
  4. Deliberate Practise/Hardworking
  5. Promote excellence
  6. Pioneering

How AMC adds value

1. Funding Education – scholarships for books,
fees, uniform, transport and career guidance.
2. Mentorship – Visible Role Models
3. Tutorship
4. Counseling and Therapy
5. Dialogue Circle – Life plan and True North

What we need from you?

1. Time – adopt a boy or girl – mentorship, career
guidance, exposure. ( take him/her to work, home,
events etc ), guidance, become a champion for the cause
2. Money – any amount for scholarship fund to pay for
fees, books, uniform, shoes, transport
3. Become a mentor – Being a mentor to a child is an invaluable gift that contributes  so much to a child’s overall development and to the enrichment of the community.
4. Donations – Your donations allow us to enrich the lives of children allowing them to dream and imagine bright futures.  Please donate any dollar amount to aid in the development and enrichment of the lives of children in South Africa.

AMC Promise: accountability, transparency:

  1. Progress report on every young man
  2. Audited bank statements by a credible and independent financial officer

How we select candidates:

  1. High potential/Talent that’s facing the harshest of Economic challenges.
  2. High potential high risk (drugs, gangsterism, etc)

“To be Young, Gifted, Free without Opportunity is a devil’s gift. The failure to grant that opportunity is a crime”

“high talent – high risk”